Friday, 29 June 2012

How to make your own shabby log cabin block for paper piecing

Doing your own paper piecing blocks is not as hard as it looks. People get intimidated because it looks so intricate when done Especially the log cabin is easy to do. I needed one for a scrap swap i am hosting, and i thought i would show you how it is done.

You need a marker, a ruler and the block size. I need one 6" so i used my 6" ruler

First draw up the block. Afterwards name the sides 1 to 4 (i did that later, but should have done it here)

Then make your first line on side one. I want an uneven look so i went for shabbiness remember that the outer 1/4 inch is seamallowance.

rotate clockwise to side 2 and make a line

then rotate clockwise to side 3

and then side four

then back to side 1

Keep going untill you have the whole block done

Name the centerpiece 1

Then you start at side 4 naming that piece 2

Now you rotate counterclockwise and name the piece on side 3 for 3

rotate counterclockwise again and mark side 2 ad number 4

Continue like that untill the whole block is numbered

And youre now good to go for piecing it! same procedure as in the scrap string quilt block :)

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