Monday, 21 May 2012

Silence before the storm...

I have not had that much time to write in the last couple of days. Not that i didn't want to, i have simply been to busy with school. Its like a tidal wave right now. Either follow the current or get sucked under. We have so much to read and learn that my brain is working even in my sleep. I have been deciding the faith of handicapped and mental ill persons in my dreams the last couple of nights and have woken up frustrated because i wanted to give mister X an apartment and a pension due to his schizophrenia illness, but the law didn't give me anything to grant it with and i therefor had to watch him go back to living on the street. Who says studying social worker was easy ;) I know that these dreams tackle my fear about not being able to help people who want it, but its a bit tiresome waking up frustrated morning after morning without any reason at all. after all i'm not yet qualified to make these decisions and therefor should be concentrating on getting qualified.

BUT besides working my butt of wwith reading and dreaming, I still take some time to be creative.

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  1. Hej!

    Er du sød at skrive til mig på, så du kan få et kontonr. og jeg kan få din adresse til den lagersalgspakke, du ønsker dig fra soesterlystigblog?