Friday, 20 April 2012

I want to show you a fairy tale

a year a go (at least!) I made this cute little picture for my son :) I was very pleased with the outcome and my son adores it, so since I have really felt like bragging about it. so here it goes ;)

I fell over this totally cute elefant

and fount it perfect for a project i had in mind! I wanted to do some walhangings in frame for my youngest id, and this elephant cut in half would be perfect! so I made half  an elephant and stitched it on a fine background. The result looked like this

after making half the elephant I stitched it on the background fabric with a very fine embroidery stitch. handstiching would work too I guess, but I wanted the frame effect. I left a gap for stuffing and stuffed a bit of fiberstuffing in to make the elephant look 3D.i then had a bit off batting i ffixed on the backside with glue to make it look fluffy

Then I took a spray adhesive and sprayed it on the background for the photo frame (cheap cheap frame where i discarded the glass). I gently stretched the fabric over the background, and in this step it is important to make the background fabric near the elephant stick. Else your picture will look half done once youre done.

after this step I fixed it in the frame. Its the cutest elephant I have made so far :)


  1. This looks great! I wondered if you still have the .pdf file for this project- the link on my blog is now broken and the original file is lost. I'd be so grateful if you could email me the .pdf so I could relink it.
    Thanks for sharing!!

  2. uhh im not totally sure! i think i have a cut out elephant in my stores and if i have ill make a pdf file with that :)but please allow me some time to soft through all my stash since its quite unorrganised at the momen :))

  3. Luck smies at us today :) not only did I find it in my first try, i actually have a copy uncut! I will mail it to you right away