Wednesday, 18 April 2012

End of a play day!

Today has been a kids day. Patrick had Søren home to play, and Alexander had Christopher home for playing. What a joy it has been. The four of them hit it off right from start and although the ages was 4-5-9 and 11 it still ended up as equal playing :) its was nice to see that the big boys took their time to be patient about the small boys, and it is absolutely not last time they get to play together. Since I knew I had a picky eater as guest, I decided to make sure there was something for everyone, so we made Hot dogs, salad and parsley chicken filets. Every body digged in and had a good time eating, and afterwards we went for a walk to the local school, so that the small ones could ride their bikes. The parents dropped in on the same time so we had a nice little chat over a cup of coffee before it was time to either take kids home and put them in bed for the others and ditto or me here :)

so heres some pictures of out feast :)

madam Doctor by the way could tell me i had an allergy rash in my its a long time goung with medicine before i get my ears back in shape. Well at least its only them this time ;)

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