Tuesday, 17 April 2012

How to start a blog

I think when you start a blog you're supposed to start with telling who you are and what you want and i have been grumbling about this ever since i killed my kreative blog, since I didn't write enough in it. I needed more. I needed a place where I could capture the day and get to write about what I found important. but i have to admit that i it wasn't because I got greedy and wanted more, I would not have started the Blog today ;) i fell over this blog i have been sneak peaking in and found out that she has a give away. So suddenly I was in a bit of a hurry ;) I'm not sure whether or not i should thank her or if I should have given myself a little more time to get this together the right way but anyhow now its running and i cant wait to share all my little daily delights with all of you

and to get the  greedy part done with :) take a look at this blog and the fine give away with so many nice things in it. If you read danish it is a fine blog to follow i have enjoyed it tremendously


the next couple of days I will use on telling why i choose this name for my Blog, what i do in my tiny garden :) and brag about my latest quilt work and clothes sewing which i use quite some time on when I'm not totally buried in books

Enjoy and good day to you all!

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