Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Well it actually tasted good!

One of the things we are focusing on at home right now, is the balance between eating healthy and cheap! with me studying, all of us having expensive hobbies, and the glorious family holiday, which we HAVE to have, there is only a few places to save money. Since im a sucker for good food, and i have my ideas about premade food and sugar, well it kinda leads un in to some discussions ;) Hubby to be finds me expensive and I find him silly ;)

But we try to organize. We have a monthly trip to Germany to buy  food supply's a lot cheaper than here in Denmark. and we buy a lot!

Last time there we decided to try baking out own rye bread. Rye bred is very common food here in Denmark and the backbone in every lunch so to speak. and its expensive now a days. so we decided to try and skip the bought bread and make our own

The first one was absolutely boring!
But the one I made today was good! mushy ans soft and yet still full of good fibers

here's a peak for you

Its not completely home made, since we ended up buying some blends where you only add water, but its good! and if we find it is not too much work we might end up mixing the ingredients ourselves :)

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