Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Time to get serious

I thought i could do a little bit of blogging, now that I am waiting for my doctors appointment. Even omnipotent daydreamers like me can get an ear infection ;) And i have one. I am slowly getting to know this one, since its been hanging around since Easter *sigh*

Hopefully madam Doctor can do something about it today, since the other medicine i got apparently didn't work.

So in the meantime i felt like sharing (OK OK! I'll be honest! I felt like bragging a bit ;)  )

At the moment i have revived an old passion for quilting :) its been a bit slow for a time, since my quilt fabric has been a huge mess after the fungi problem we had in the basement. But then i got thrown out from a quilting group on Facebook without any reason at all, so i got peevish and found myself a new group! And what a treat! a lot of wonderful women from all over the world, showing of their fine work! After a bit of bragging myself and thereby a bit of bashing in their nice words about my work, I got to the point where i thought i could ask these women to help me figure out what to do with a stranded project.

So said, so done. I uploaded a picture of my hand stitch project and asked for advice what to do with it, now my right hand didn't like hand stitching anymore. The funny thing is that people gave me lots of really good advice, but my heart wasn't in it.  i didn't want a wall hanging, or a pillow or or or. I saw the possibilities in what they said, but my heart was simply still fixed on this fine quilt. not a bed quilt anymore, but a lap quilt to snuggle up  under when i was watching TV or at the computer.

So what to do? well...I decided to try sewing it on machine. A fine lady advised me to make the machine stitches longer, so the difference between hand and machine wasn't that obvious.

Picture above shows my progress. 2 rows of blocks nearly done and I think that one more row might make it perfect for the couch :)

So sometimes you just need a kick in the but to get going. I needed one since this project stranded 2 years ago ;)

By the way the fine group i really find fantastic is this one :)

And now time to see the doctor so see you around ;)

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